Architectural Visualization

House on Horizon

House on Horizon, Poland (Part 1)

In the abode of Knyszyn of the Polish forests dwells this House of the Horizon. A view rendered with more emphasis on its view points; the disposition of the structure is a styled house in plain geometry and in en masse block projections.The solid wooden texture on the exteriors adds volume & consolidates its soft concrete and white hues to depths in & out, the view equally focusses on surrounding environment with balanced landscaped elements along with the holistic pool renders.

The Interior views of the bedroom is rendered with a achromatic theme base, acquiescing a partial view to the adjoining a sit-out deck.

A vivid visualisation was administered onto the deck to neutralize light & dark and also its background setup,witnessessing the horizon in its blazing glory ,details were thoroughly rendered to arise incredibleness .