Architectural Visualization

Cabin in the Woods

Cabin in the Woods, Poland

A imposing structure with exaltedness setup in the sequestered woods with an eigen exterior in the natural terrain of Poland, is this Cabin in the woods. Designed by Kartik Reddy and the concretization of the dynamic visuals fountainhead at Ideal Arch.

The building envelope curtails from ground floor to mezzanine level in an articulated structure with an urban fabric of glass and wood. The brazen facade with cloistered walkway leading to its main entrance, with sturdy wood is light upshot.

The multiple levels in rear enclosure with a prominent glass facade manifestating its beauty, the characteristic merge of unique scapes of flora and aqua is subtlety designed With divergent intepretations of the visualisation from different angles to evince the project with use of light,space and material strategised tactical renders were generated for its interstice spaces.