Why are we different?

IDEAL Arch Visuals is an Architectural visualization and scale modeling firm which aims to deliver the best quality visuals and physical scale models in the industry. A firm established by Kartik Reddy in 2015, Ideal Arch Visuals makes sure the models and the renders are treat for one's eyes.

Driven by young passionate enthusiasts having outstanding experience in the field, we deliver Visuals and Models which glorify the role of Visualization in Architectural field. The services are available for worldwide clients. At Ideal ArchVisuals we turn your visions and dreams into an incredible digital reality!

We also know that you'll love Ideal Arch Visuals as much as we do.


Our quality in CGI is absolutely eye catching! The more realistic the render looks, the more consumers gets attracted, because of our eye catching photo-realistic renders. Our Visualization is a must have tool for all the architects and builders to get a better result in terms of sales.
What makes us different from our counterparts is the quality which we produce with our team of experienced designers and artists.


"Realistic render equal to high cost" Well, basically it's true! But since we're bringing our services to you for the first time and it's an early stage of our business, we don't want to charge a lot to our potential clients for the namesake of realistic visuals. Our only motive is to get the job done effectively, on time. Meanwhile our experts get ready to produce the best output for you; we make sure that the cost of our service is lower in comparison to other companies in the field who promises to produce the same level of quality but at a very high cost.

Team of Experts

The whole team has an outstanding experience of more than 5 years in the field but that's not all, the only quality part is their talent and passion. Every individual in the team is very much passionate about their job and that's what gives our visualization a classy charm. They're always successful in delivering the service before the deadline; this makes us not to worry about the quality and efficiency.